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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DNA Test to Challenge Legitimacy of the English Throne

An anonymous tip from a comment lead me to an article in the U.K. Daily Mail for 26 November 2015. The title reads as follows:

Who's the real aristocrat? Queen demands DNA to be tested in court to settle dispute over 330-year-old baronet title (...but could ruling mean a Utah Mormon is our king?)
  • Britain's most senior judges will decide if DNA evidence can settle the row
  • The dispute is over a distinguished lineage dating back to the 13th century
  • Analysis revealed the last baronet came from a different bloodline to family
  • Two rival family branches have spent thousands of pounds on legal battle 
Read more:

Since I have no information as to the validity of the article or the claims, I will let the article speak for itself. 

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