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Sunday, March 26, 2017

MyHeritage has expanded citation options

Those users who are adding Record Matches from to their family trees have been provided with a new citation feature. Above is a match for one of my Tanner relatives to a book called "Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah: Comprising Photographs, Genealogies, Biographies, Vol. 1, 1913." When this Record Match shows up on the website, my first step is to evaluate the match and determine if it applies to my relative. I can then either confirm the match or reject it. By the way, at the same time, I got an additional 30 related Record Detective results.

There is really no excuse for those with family trees to have entries that are not supported by sources. Of course, you still have to evaluate the sources to make sure they apply to your relative or ancestor, but that is relatively easy when you can compare the information you have with any new or missing information from the suggested source side-by-side.

Once I determine that the suggested source applies to my relative, I can then make the comparison and extract the information for my family tree.

At the bottom of the right-hand side document comparison, there is complete source citation information.

You can then use this to fill in the blanks for other genealogy programs you may be using or to create a more formal citation format for other purposes. There is also a provision to save the entry to another person.

In the past, online family trees have been notorious for their lack of substantial documentation. There is really no excuse now for those on not to have extensive documentation.

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