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Monday, July 9, 2018

FamilyHistoryExpos Presents an Online Virtual Genealogy Conference
Some of my readers might recall that Family History Expos used to hold well attended, in-person, conferences around the U.S. Over time, however, the cost of traveling to various locations and the increased costs for renting the facilities finally mandated the end of onsite conferences. Since that time we have been holding webinars, online workshops and other activities. Of course, we have been publishing a lot of books. By the way, you can find our books on Just look for the names of the authors: Holly Hansen, James L. Tanner, Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D. There are also additional authors of some of the books. Here is one of the books as an example.

Now, we are going to return to having conferences, but these will be entirely online. The first of these events is the Pirates of the Pedigree, 2018 International Family History Expo, A Virtual Event. We will be online from October 15th through the 20th. Here is a description of the upcoming conference.
Join Family History Expos and researchers from around the world as we celebrate 15 years of service to the genealogy community! 
We have chosen "Pirates of the Pedigree" as our theme for this amazing event. With the advent of the internet and digital documents, we are surrounded in a virtual sea of opportunity. But too often the ancestor you are seeking is lost in the records. At this Expo, we will share experiences, resources, and techniques that will assist you in discovering which records may hold the clues to locating the correct ancestor from all the rest. 
After attending this event, you will know how to recognize those "Pirates" that would steal your treasured lineage. Let the internet connect family historians from distant lands to tackle the challenges we all face. 
This is a totally online event. Classes will be broadcast. Sponsor and Vendor links allow you to visit their website or special event page quickly. Visit websites, blogs, and social media sites where you can learn about the resources and services available to help you successfully and accurately research your family history. 
Paid registered attendees receive the following with their registration:
  • Registration gift packet of digital fun and educational items donated by our Sponsors and Vendors
  • Access to view and print class handouts
  • Access to view recorded classes after the Expo is over
  • Eligible to win door prizes
Public viewing of some classes will be available at no cost. Those attending free classes offered without registration will enjoy the slideshow presentation of the presenter only. To view classes at no cost, simply click the link provided in the Agenda (check in early to assure yourself a spot in the broadcast). The Agenda is in process. 
We hope you will all attend this innovative event. We also note that several other organizations are starting up the idea of a virtual conference. I guess our good ideas have spread across the industry. 

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