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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Genealogy's Star is on Facebook
For someone who is so wrapped up in social media, I still have a tendency to ignore Facebook. I usually notified by email if someone mentions me or posts to anything I post, but otherwise, I am not in the habit of checking the Facebook news stream other than very occasionally. However, I have had a Facebook page for Genealogy's Star for some time. Unfortunately, the page was somewhat neglected and I hadn't posted anything there for a while. I decided to make an effort to post more frequently.

I started by adding social media links to each of my blogs. I then decided to post the blog links to my Genealogy's Star page. This gives my readers the option of viewing the blog posts from the Facebook page. As usual, you can make comments on Facebook or on the blog posts directly or you can email me directly or call me on the phone or try and find me in person.

Thanks in advance for liking my Facebook page and posts.

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