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Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Final Goodbye to the Mesa FamilySearch Library

I spent ten years working at the Mesa FamilySearch Library aka Mesa Regional Family History Center aka Mesa Arizona Family History Center. During that time, the Mesa FSL served tens of thousands of patrons. The closing of the Library is a sad event. Think of all the resources both physical and in the minds of the volunteer missionaries that are now lost. The Mesa FSL had thousands of books, microfilm records, microfiche, maps, reference books, and other valuable resources as well as computers, classes, seminars, workshops, and a series of conferences. The October Conferences were always packed with hundreds of interested people anxious to hear their highly experienced presenters.

Most of all I am sad that the friends in the Mesa FSL will no longer be able to serve. Some of my best friends served with me during the time I was there in Mesa. I will always cherish and appreciate the kindness and friendship of these wonderful people. What can I say? A major genealogical institution has died!

I fully realize that there are plans to open a Family Discovery Center, but the resources of the Mesa FSL will not be duplicated. Of course, microfilm and microfiche are on their way out, but the books and the experience of the missionaries cannot be duplicated.

Thanks again to all who served for your wonderful and caring help to a whole generation of genealogists.

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