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Saturday, September 22, 2018

In Social Networking, Pinterest Rules

It seems to me that in the rapidly evolving social networking world that Pinterest and Instagram have become the venues of choice for most of the people around me. Granted, Facebook is still holding its own, but I watch my Pinterest site grow at percentages such as a 42% increase in daily viewers. I am also finding that I can get more information about my family faster by checking Instagram than I can through Facebook. I have been limiting my Instagram links so that the venue does not get clogged with non-family information but Pinterest is wide open. Since I am now posting to a large number of social networking venues, I have no idea how many people I am connecting with.

OK, so what about the blogs? I have been noting for some time now that the "golden age" of blogging has now passed. I continue to use blogs as my primary method of communicating because I like the ability to write, add photos and screenshots, and edit the content before publishing. But you might notice that I am trending more towards interaction on Facebook. I post all of my blog posts on my Genealogy's Star Facebook page.

The idea is to provide a one-stop-shop for content. As I return to Provo in a few weeks, I will be ramping up my involvement with both The Family History Guide and FamilyHistoryExpos. I just posted another webinar for the BYU Family History Library YouTube Channel also.

Using Multiple Online Genealogy Programs to Find Your Ancestors

So you should not have any trouble finding me online.

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