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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mesa FamilySearch Library goes online with Webinars

Keeping up with the changes in technology, the Mesa FamilySearch Library (formerly called the Mesa Regional Family History Center) is moving into the production of a series of online webinars. The first releases are in the process of preparation and should be ready within the next week or so. Included in the initial offerings are the following:

DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Danna Koelling 1 Aug 2012
Family History Research in the State of AZ Archives Dr. Melanie Sturgeon     Jan 2012 
FamilySearch Family Tree James L. Tanner     Aug 2012
History of the 1940 Census Dr. Michael Snow     Apr 2012 
Online Resources James L. Tanner     Jun 2012 

These will be my first official webinars as a presenter with both audio and video. I am very interested to see how these will come out. My August presentation had over 200 people in attendance so we will have to see how the background noise comes across. Right now, the titles are online but the webinars do not load properly. Looking forward to these coming online.

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