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Friday, August 10, 2012

More Updates to FamilySearch Family Tree

The FamilySearch Family Tree program on continues to change as all of the features are introduced. To keep up with the changes, you need to periodically look at the manual published in PDF format. A link to the manual is located on the first page of the Help Center. Here is a screen shot showing the location of the link:

 Once you click on the Help link, you get the following Help page with the information, including a link to the PDF copy of the manual:

At the end of the 130+ page manual, beginning on page 127, there is a chart comparing the features of Family Tree with those of Here is a screen shot of part of the comparison chart:

As the dates change on the front of the manual, changes are made to the feature list. Since there are no formal announcements from FamilySearch extolling the virtues of each addition to the program, this is really one of the few ways to find out what is going on and what changes are being made.

There have been some extensive changes over the past couple of months and the latest changes include the ability to add individuals and families. It is also interesting to note those features that are "Coming Soon" to the program.

There was so much promotion that went along with the introduction of and the resultant problems encountered from the beginning with that program, I cannot help but speculate that FamilySearch learned a few lessons and is taking a much lower profile introduction for Family Tree. I am finding the very, very few people, including Family History Consultants and others are even aware of the new program's existence. This is very good in a lot of ways, but if the program is going to replace in the not too distant future, then at some point, there will need to be some sort of notification on the website.

I still like the new Family Tree program and an anticipating the release of the merge function so I can move ahead in sorting out the data on my particular family. There are a lot of other fantastic features coming, I am sure.

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