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Friday, August 24, 2012

Thoughts on the Jury Award in favor of Apple for $1 B

Apple v. Samsung verdict form

I have been following the lawsuit by Apple against Samsung with some interest based on my long history as an Apple dealer and user of Apple products. If this decision is a surprise to you, then you are likely not familiar with how patent law cases and other statutory-based lawsuits can turn on the wording of the patent and the wording of the supporting statutes.

Historically, Apple has tried to enforce patent claims based on the idea of "look and feel" both with and without success.  This is one of the more dramatic successes. What effect will this have on the so-called smartphone and tablet markets? Probably none of the dire predictions coming from the Samsung camp and probably not the benefit Apple thinks it will have. Likely, the technology will continue to change dramatically and this whole issue will become a footnote in the history of computers.

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