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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saving Memories Forever

At the recent Family History Expo in Springfield, Illinois, I spoke with Harvey Baker of Saving Memories Forever. He provided me with the following description of their service.
It was a pleasure meeting you at the Family History Expo in Springfield, Illinois. As I mentioned when I talked to you after your presentation, we have a new service, Saving Memories Forever that allows people to record their life stories and share them with their relatives. The service is an iPhone App, available in the iTunes store, (Saving Memories Forever) that provides interview questions to answer and does the front end recording and uploading to the website. (Our Android app will be out in November.) The website,, allows a variety of functions including listening to the stories, sharing them with relatives and attaching pictures and text files. If a person does not have an iPhone, stories in an MP3 format can be uploaded to the website directly. (For example you could use the MP3 Skype recorder to interview a relative who is not geographically close to you and upload that story to the site.) The site is private.  Only the person recording the stories can invite others to listen. Because of the way we have set up the site the family can record stories about a relative who is no longer with us. This allows a family to create an audio archive of who that person was and what they were like from the memories of the people who knew them the best. This feature would allow a Genealogist to record the stories of a person they were researching and share them with the family. Our premium service allows a person to attach 20 files made up of pictures and text documents to each story.  This would allow a genealogist to attach some of the research he has done adding context to the audio file. The site is free for most of the functionality. The premium service that allows file attachment, unlimited storytellers, unlimited sharing and additional search capability is $3.99/month. 
Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you. I will be attending additional Family History Expos in the future and I hope to see you again. 
Harvey Baker
You may want to have a look at this App and see if it will help you in your research and sharing  your information with family members.

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  1. What a super idea.We can save our memories forever.Like our children memories or collage memories.Now i can save our all life event. Thanks keep its up.