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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Warning: If your information diet is limited to low calorie genealogical content, you may wish to employ some moderation in reading the following blog post.

How would you like to live in blogging family that whips out cameras at dinner time to take photos of the food you are eating? (See Family Heritage Recipes). 

On the other hand, how would you like to go traveling with someone who keeps driving off the road and leaping out of the car to take pictures of flowers and weeds? (See Walking Arizona).

Or perhaps you would rather put up with having boxes stacked in every available corner full of photographs, letters, documents of every description and even bundles of hair? (I'm sorry there is nothing to see here, but there really is a huge braid of hair that came from my grandmother).

What about living with someone who is either on the computer, looking at an iPad or watching an iPhone about 90 percent of his waking time? Does that sound like fun?

And even further, what about living with someone who decides, in his old age, to drive all around the company talking to other old people about dead people?

How would you like it if periodically, you all had to jump up and go outside to look at the clouds or sunset or sunrise or rain or whatever was happening with the stars?

On to another subject, it seems like it is about time to upgrade all the computer systems and of course, that means that we have to think about new hardware. I think right now we have a total of about thirteen computers to upgrade or not.

It is really nice to find someone who not only is interested in finding their ancestors, but also spends the time to ask meaningful questions and listen to how the research should be done.

It is also nice to have a presentation where over 200 people show up and they are all really interested in what you are talking about.

That brings us back to old geezer who jumps in his car and drives 450 miles in one day just to take pictures of trees.

All of this while living in a place where it is not news for temperatures to reach 118 degrees.

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  1. Sounds like what Mr Geniaus has to contend with but on a somewhat lesser scale.