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Monday, April 17, 2017

Kindex Adds New Batch and Collections Features

Very little of what we do as genealogists is really automated. One of the most frustrating things for me is that when I am adding information, photos or sources to a database, I have to do that one item at a time regardless of the fact that the items may have common characteristics. For example, I might be adding a number of items that share the same metadata or tags or whatever. I do this when I am adding photos to that were all taken by the same person. I may still have to individually tag each photo, but what if the photos are all of the same person? I could combine separate pages into one document using Adobe Acrobat Pro or a similar program, but what if I don't want the items all in one document?

This may seem like a trivial problem, but there are some genealogists who are spending huge amounts of time individually name a collection of documents with the same metadata (title, tags, description etc.) day after day, week after week.

The folks at finally addressed this problem in a direct way for genealogists. Here is the description of the process from the Kindex blog shown above.
1. Add & Organize Records into Collections 
Archive owners can now create Collections within their archives to organize their records. With collections, you can organize your records any way you wish. For example, your collections can be named as family names, record types, dates, or subjects.
2. Add Multiple Records & Assign Record Info (Metadata) to a Batch 
You may now add multiple records to your archive quickly and easily, with the added benefit of designating Record Info (metadata) to a batch of records. This feature allows users to apply common metadata to an entire batch of records, instead of applying metadata individually. Metadata may include Record Info such as descriptions, provenance, dates, places, and keywords.
The blog post goes on to explain the details of creating these batches. is a way to share documents and have family members assist in indexing and transcribing those documents.  Here is a video that shows how the program works.

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