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Friday, April 14, 2017

My Next DNA Adventure

Not too long ago, I wrote about my experiences with doing a DNA test. While I was at RootsTech 2017, I purchased another DNA testing kit from

Unfortunately, I got very sick and then went on a trip to present at the North Florida Genealogy Conference in Jacksonville, Florida and then got sick again for a couple of weeks. Then I spent a week on vacation in Costa Rica. OK, so I finally got well enough to take the test. This is what I saw in the box.

The idea here was to provide some saliva (spit) to for the test. You had to refrain from drinking any water or whatever for half an hour and then spit into the container, seal it up and send it to

Before you begin, you have to activate the program.

You continue with the activation procedure.

There is even more.

Then I got to watch a short video about Genetic Communities. As a side note, it is interesting how corporations in the U.S. can trademark generic terms.

Then I got to the last screen.

I am assuming it will be some considerable time before they get around to my DNA test since they sold a bundle of them at RootsTech 2017 and I suppose afterward as well.

Then I took the test.

It took me a while to get enough spit to fill the container but now it is on its way to

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