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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Interactive map returns to the Newberry Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

For over a year, the interactive map on the Newberry Atlas of Historical County Boundaries has been under construction and unavailable. I received an announcement today that the interactive map was once again online and functional.

The interactive map has always been an extremely useful, free utility that showed the historical county boundaries and an overwhelming amount of additional information of historical interest to genealogists. The new design of the interactive map is extremely easy to use and provides additional information about the county boundaries that was not available using the original map. For example, here is a screenshot of Pennsylvania with the boundary changes that occurred on July 4, 1776.

As you click through the dates listed on the left, you can see the boundary changes applied to the map. As genealogists, identifying the exact location of an advantage in an ancestor's life is crucial to identifying where records may have been kept and where they are located today. When you hover over any one of the counties above, you will see the information in the text box change to correspond to the County.

The Newberry Atlas of Historical County Boundaries should be on every genealogists most used program list.

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