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Monday, April 10, 2017

Bits and Pieces of Genealogy News

I ended up with a lot of news stories and decided to consolidate them all in one blog post. So here it goes: has announced the formation of genetic communities. Genetic Communities are groups of AncestryDNA® members who are connected through DNA most likely because they descend from a population of shared ancestors, even if they no longer live in the area where those ancestors once lived. The idea is that by identifying these very specific communities your DNA test can be made more specific. To find out more click here. is a private social network that brings families together to discover, share and preserve their memories. Through our unique online tree builder, you can collaborate with your family members to map out your history while sharing precious moments with loved ones near and far. With the free and easy-to-use tool, you can upload photos and videos, tag keywords, share on social media and search across millions of historical records. The website has added new feature including the following:
In order to help users complete their entire ancestral story, provides FREE access to millions of ancestry records such as marriage, death, military, and more. The site seamlessly enables users to bridge their family’s past with the present.
The website has also added featured family trees of the following:

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Kennedy Family
  • The Clinton Family
  • The Trump Family
  • The British Royal Family
  • The Kardashian Family has announced a new Cousin Research Tracker. Here is the description from their blog:
What is the Cousin Research Tracker? 
Evidentia allows me to create a “Possibility Tree”, a short family tree tracing myself and a potential “cousin” to a most recent common ancestor. It then tracks my progress in creating evidence based proofs for each parent-child relationship in the “Possibility Tree”. Once I have solid evidence and a proof summary for each link, I can reach a conclusion about the relationship between my cousin and I, using the same standards I use in the other proofs I generate in Evidentia. 
At any time I can generate a Cousin Proof Summary Report, which will show me not only my summary conclusion about the cousin relationship, but also the conclusion from each proof used as evidence. 
Want more? The Cousin Proof Detail Report includes everything in the summary, AND it appends a full copy of each supporting proof report at the end of the document. 
Finally, the Cousin Research Log Summary, shown below, will show me the status of ALL my Cousin Research efforts.
 For more information click here. has organized a "Save our Graves" project. Here is a brief video introduction to the process.

Geneagraves from Geneanet on Vimeo.
BackBlaze .com published an article entitled, "The Future of DNA Storage." If you have taken a DNA test or are going to do so, you might want to check out the article.

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