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Friday, April 7, 2017

What Happened to the Vacation?

El Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica
The truth is that I enjoy working more than I do resting. Traveling to the tropics is wonderful and it is nice to get back to the jungle after so many years away. But, it gets really dark at about 6:30 every night and doesn't get light until 6:30 or so the next morning and I am not one to sit around and stare at the dark. It turns out that Costa Rica is a highly civilized country and has WiFi everywhere. Thoughts of being out in the wilderness were just thoughts. So, as usual, I kept writing even though I was sitting and watching the ocean or listening to the rain in the jungle. The bonus is that I will not have 500 or so emails to review when I get home. The photo above was taken yesterday. It is what I would be looking at right now if it weren't raining heavily.

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