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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Long Live the Genealogy Blogs!

I recently wrote a dystopian post about the future of blogs and blogging, especially genealogy blogs. Although blogging has changed considerably, it is far from dead. There will always be those of us who think and write more than a sentence or paragraph at a time and we will keep writing. Where else can I go to write? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Give me a break. These websites and others like them are the junk food of the internet. They are children standing on the playground yelling, "Look at me, Look at me."

Technology has certainly impacted communication and there are those of us who have taken full advantage of the new venues. Yes, I post on Facebook and all the other options so I do spend my time yelling on the playground. But I also spend some time in class writing my assignments. There may come a time in my life when the words stop pouring out of my brain, but I don't look forward to that time at all. Meanwhile, whether they are read or not, the words will spill out and cover virtual pages with virtual text. If I miss a day or so, it is probably because life or travel has become too complicated. But I will always return. When the day does come when the words stop, I will never gracefully retire, but I will fight to the end.

Meanwhile, genealogy goes on and on and on. Since genealogy deals with history, we are always making more of it and it will never run out.


  1. I love your analogy of "junk food of the internet." It's a perfect description.I also agree - Long Live the Genealogy Blogs!

  2. I concur! I too "need" to write. To share their stories, which in turn shares mine. I don't strive for high numbers of hits each day, as I did in the beginning. I write for me, for cousins and for anyone else who wants to read our family stories. Long live our blogs!

    1. If you are following the numbers on blogs, you might see a decline over the past three or four years.

  3. While there are plenty of kids yelling on the Facebook playground, Facebook groups can offer real value to users - especially those groups focused on specific topics. IMHO, genealogists who avoid Facebook may be missing out on the great resources of FB groups.

  4. Like you James I will continue to blog until I no longer can.