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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Genealogy Merit Badge

The most recent issue of the Scouting magazine has a short, but good, article called "Climb the Family Tree" about the Boy Scouts of America Genealogy Merit Badge. As a Scout leader and a genealogist, I have had many opportunities to teach the Genealogy Merit Badge to different Scout troops. If you have wondered what the requirements are, here is a link to Teaching Scouts about genealogy is a valuable way to spark interest in family history in teenagers.

Boy Scout Merit Badges are designed to be a do-able challenge. In every case there is a BSA published merit badge pamphlet that teaches all of the requirements in concise format. Each Scout is required to present evidence of having accomplished all of the requirements to a Merit Badge Counselor, an adult with experience in the subject of the merit badge.

Unfortunately, the Genealogy Merit Badge is one of the least obtained merit badges, only a very small percentage of the Scouts fulfill the requirements and obtain the badge. If  you have any influence with a local Scout Troop, you might qualify as a merit badge counselor for Genealogy and offer to help the entire troop pass the merit badge.

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