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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introducing FamilySearch FamilyTech

During his introduction on Thursday morning at the opening session of the RootsTech Conference, Jim Erickson of FamilySearch introduced the new FamilySearch FamilyTech website. Designed to become part of the site, the new website will contain a series of technology tips for genealogists and family historians. The site will incorporate the work of several experienced Bloggers. Posts from Genealogy's Star are included. Initially, some of the information may have already been published in other forums, but the site is looking for unique contributions in the future. I will be writing separate posts for the site with content not found in this Blog. I have spent a considerable time the last three months or so working with FamilySearch on this new site including visiting with them in Salt Lake and two Webinars.You can access FamilyTech from the Learn tab on

Quoting from the website, "FamilySearch FamilyTech's intended audience is that of a genealogy enthusiast who has a mid-beginner through intermediate comfort level with using technology. Those that read the articles on this site likely own and use a computer frequently, are comfortable using the internet, and likely own a mobile phone and digital camera. Content on this site is not geared towards computer beginners, nor those with advanced skills such as computer programmers or developers."

FamilySearch FamilyTech will be seeking additional contributors. The content types sought after for Tech Talk articles include: (quoting from the site)
  • Technical how-tos – These are step by step guides leading a reader to accomplish a task on their own.
  • Practical application of technology to help with any aspect of family history – These explain how a technology can assist specifically with family history. They may have how to elements.
  • Product evaluation standards – While we don’t accept specific product reviews, we do want to discuss how to evaluate products for purchase/use, and how product features apply to family history.
  • Viewpoints – Personal viewpoints on technology and family history topics.
  • Tech news – Any new and exciting technology.
I am looking forward to writing for this new forum. Look for links on my Genealogy's Star site to current posts on FamilySearch FamilyTech.

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  1. Thank you for your contributions to FamilyTech, James! I love the site and think it's a valuable and necessary component of the "Learn" part of FamilySearch.