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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-RootsTech Reflections on New FamilySearch

It has been a while since I made any comments on New FamilySearch. This does not mean that the controversy has diminished in the least, but it does mean that little has changed on the website over the past couple of months. As a site to qualify names for ordinance work in the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it performs admirably. It is, on the other hand, controversial in its value as a research tool and it is definitely not a good source of reliable genealogical information. As I set out for RootsTech this week, I assume that I will hear something about the program if I listen carefully. But I thought a summary of my pre-conference impressions would be helpful.

First, I will give an example of the problem and challenges of the program starting with William Tanner (abt 1660 - abt 1735) of Rhode Island. I chose him because of my page by page research of the early Rhode Island town records concerning him and his descendants. My research to date leaves open some obvious questions. When did he arrive in Rhode Island? Which of the various "William Tanners" shown on early immigration and passenger list records is my ancestor? Since his arrival in Rhode Island is still undocumented in any source or record I have yet seen, there is no way to connect him to the various William Tanners listed in the passenger lists and therefore connect him with any of the William Tanners listed in England about the same time. The earliest record is the The Record of the Proprietors of Narrangansett. Otherwise Called the Fones Record, Arnold, James N., Editor of the Narrangansett Historical Register, Compiler, Rhode Island Colonial Gleanings, n.d. 974.5 R2 Mesa Regional Family History Center., 41 S. Hobson, Mesa, Arizona 85204 USA. At the bottom of this post I have listed my present list of sources of William Tanner and his family. By the way, if you have any additional information, please let me know. I still have an extensive list of sources to search.The Fones Record list William Tanner of Rhode Island as the witness to a will.

Now, let's have a look at what is recorded in New FamilySearch.  Since this will undoubtedly be one of my longest posts ever, I will have to condense some of the issues and leave out a few screen shots in the interest of not turning this into a book. I will also skip all of the extraneous material in the New FamilySearch file in between me and my ancestor William Tanner. Here is the first level of information in the file on William Tanner:

Let's just say that the entry for William Tanner has almost 80 different birth dates and places from 1657 in various places in England to 1682 in Rhode Island. There are at least eight different places in England listed with one in Wales. This is not at all helpful. Looking at the individual sources for William Tanner are even less help.  The Fones Record which is the earliest source is not listed.  As to his death and burial, I have personally visited his gravesite located His burial location has also been reported to be Usequepaugh, Kent, Rhode Island. He is actually buried at the Laurel Country Club, 309 Laurel Lane, West Kingston, Rhode Island off of the 3rd tee.

Who could possibly sort out the mass of confusion in the New FamilySearch record for William Tanner? But wait, let's go back a couple of generations. I mentioned above that I have yet seen one documentary source identifying William Tanner with any one of the possible immigrants in that time period with the same name. I do have my opinion, but that is not the point. In New FamilySearch he is listed with 13 different wives one of which is identified as "Living." She must be the oldest human ever documented. Despite the fact that there is no documentation as to William Tanner's birth in England or where ever, there are more than thirteen generations of William Tanners shown as ancestors of the William Tanner in Rhode Island. I finally stopped clicking on the links back. Each of the William Tanners have their own Person Identifier Number which is in addition to the 150 combined records of the original. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of entries identified as ancestors of the original William Tanner.

There is no connection between what is shown in the program and anything approaching reality. Further, there is not even a hint that there is any way to solve this problem of historic proportions.  For example, all of the supposed ancestors of William Tanner should simply be erased from the database. They do not exist. If by some rare chance, one of them or more is an actual documented ancestor, then there should be some way to show the sources of how that conclusion was reached.  As a side note, many of these bogus ancestors show availability for Temple ordinances.

Here is a list of the main issues:
1. There is no way to correct this mess and weed out the duplicates.
2. There is no way to adequately document the sources, if any.
3. There is no way to stop even more confusion.
These are the same issues I have had since shortly after the program was introduced.

Now, what happens when and if New FamilySearch is opened to the general public and added as a menu item to the website? That is the question.

How will the website be viewed as a an authority when it will contain the mess of information in New FamilySearch which violates almost every possible guideline or instruction given on how to do genealogy?

This is my request: Give me some way to correct the pedigree information and supply real source information and I will do so. Let's hope that I hear something promising in Salt Lake this next week.

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  1. James,

    What you want is pretty much what I heard from the Fa milySearch team in October at the Blogger Day. They will open up the entire tree to anybody and let conclusion based source-centric research to be added.

    It will likely be messy! In the end, it will probably work if enough dedicated researchers participate.

    Please write about what you hear at RootsTech on this! Have fun...I'm missing it due to a prior speaking commitment.

  2. James, this is yet another useful and succinct post. I would have appreciated just a tad more detail concerning why/how you cannot make pertinent deletions/corrections. Is it because the original submitters of the birth dates or pedigree assertions are anonymous and/or deceased (or for other reasons cannot be contacted)? Or because there is a requirement to submit evidence that the submissions lacking evidence are incorrect? Other factors?

    Thank you for your always sensible and helpful posts.

  3. I understand that New FamilySearch will someday allow sources and provide links to the records in FamilySearch (and possibly elsewhere?). Of course that was "someday," but hope it is soon. This would definitely help. However, I have found sources disproving long-held beliefs, and some extended cousins still don't want to believe it. That is another hurdle - changing minds as well.