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Thursday, February 10, 2011

RootsTech Day One

I would be nice if the rest of the world would stop going while we all learned everything here in Salt Lake at RootsTech, but that isn't the case. It seems like my work always has several emergencies the second I leave town. Sometimes it is struggle to keep it all going while I attend a Conference. Enough grousing.

Our pre-Conference activities included a visit to the FamilySearch Microfilm Distribution Center (much more later about the microfilm and the Distribution Center) with about 20 or so media people and Bloggers. I found out that Media people (with a capital M) are mostly those being paid by someone to attend the Conference and its activities. I tried to talk to some of them and had a nice long discussion during dinner at The Roof Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building about a block from where the Conference is being held in the Salt Palace.

There are at least two things about the Conference that were puzzling to my Media person; Bloggers in general and genealogy. While I was talking to him, I felt like I was engaged in some sort of exotic activity and the news reporter was doing a special interest story. On the other hand, I now view Bloggers as the mainstream and his activity as a paid reporter as the exotic activity. As for genealogy, searching out one's ancestors is always a mystery to those who have no interest.

Well, its off to the opening Key Note Addresses and orientation. FamilySearch has been extremely considerate and kind to the Bloggers and has gone way out of the way to provide information and opportunities to see and do things not otherwise available to the public. The welcoming dinner stretched on for hours and when we left, there were still tables full of Bloggers and FamilySearch people talking into the night. One of the FamilySearch employees gave my wife and I a ride back to our hotel, even though the hotel was only two blocks from the restaurant. But, being from Mesa, we were thankful because the temperature was well below freezing.

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