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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Digging into the Library of Congress Online

Compared to Australia's premiere Trove website with over 309 million Australian and online resources, the Library of Congress is slim pickings. But if you dig a little you just might discover some interesting information either directly about your ancestors or at least, about the area and time where and when they lived.

The flagship collection of the Library of Congress (LOC) is the Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers project. Now with over 5.2 million pages of newspapers entirely searchable by every word, from every state in the U.S., you just might find an elusive obituary or new article about a member of your family. With the advanced search capabilities of the site, you can search an individual state, county or the entire country. You can also search a particular newspaper.  A search shows the entire newspaper page, with your search term or terms highlighted in red. You can zoom into the paper and read every word. You can also clip an image or download the entire page. If you haven't looked at this free site, you are missing a valuable resource.

Here is an example of the kind of valuable information you might find:

The digital collections of the LOC include
Additional digital collections and services include:
Caution,  you just might spend a really long time on this website. I thought I would add an example of an audio file:

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