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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Get off the freeway!

On my way to the Family History Expo in Springfield, Illinois, I stopped off to stay overnight in Kearney, Nebraska. All we saw was the motel and probably one of the fast food restaurants. Coincidentally, we had our Midwest Family History Expo in Kearney, Nebraska the next month. My, my how much difference getting off of the freeway makes. This time I spent four days in Kearney, including one day touring the area in a Family History Expos bus tour. An absolutely incredible experience. When you take the time to find out about the area, it is amazing what you will see and what you will learn.

14 of my 16 great-great-grandparents, crossed the plains or went to Utah by wagon in the mid-1800s. Many of them came through the area we toured here in Kearney, Nebraska. I can't tell you how much it means to actually walk the trails and see the ruts of the wagons in the ground where some of my ancestors walked.

Some of the things I found out about central Nebraska were significant for genealogists. I am certain that any other area of the country, or world for that matter, would likely similar attractions. I found out about the Nebraska State Historical Society, The Buffalo County Historical Society, the Kearney Public Library's Historic Kearney Hub Newspapers Online, the Fort Kearny Genealogical Society and the Trails and Rails Museum.

Think of all that I would have missed if I had only passed through here on the freeway.

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  1. James, we were so glad that you got off the freeway for a few days! I'm still reeling with information overload from everything that I soaked up during your sessions. You showed you are a very giving person, so willing and eager to share what you know and I love your sense of humor! You're welcome back to Nebraska any time! Hope to meet up with you again somewhere down the trail.