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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mystery Photos of the Week 16 September 2012

These photos were taken by Margaret Godfrey Jarvis Overson, likely around 1920 or before in or around St. Johns, Apache, Arizona. Does anyone look familiar?


  1. Hi,

    Sorry I can't help. Sure wish I could since I am into helping solve mysteries.

    I just came across a new blog Susie E. Rogers Mystery Book Where they have photos from circa 1900 out of Maine.

    I wonder who can help solve those.

    Happy Searching,

  2. I don't understand. These people are in the public eye so much, why is there always some kind of unknown secret about them, or mystery when they die. You can look at Elvis, JFK, MLK, Steve McNair, etc. All these people have questions surrounding their life and death. The average Joe who nobody knows dies, and they can tell you everything about how they lived and how they died. Why is it like this?