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Friday, September 14, 2012

The End of Genealogy's Star?

Some of the readers of this site, Genealogy's Star, were getting a huge red warning message from Google. Essentially, this warning is saying that Genealogy's Star has included content from a blog that MAY have contained malware. Malware is defined as a term referring to malicious software. If you happen to see the warning and read it carefully, you will see that the problem is with the other website mentioned, not with my site. I have not mentioned that website for over two years and have now removed all references to it. The organization mentioned has actually changed their website and their name over a year ago and the old site in no longer active. I cannot mention the name of the website or the group with out causing more problems. The problem persisted however and I got some help from my friends online.

Lee Drew of Family History with the LineageKeeper solved the problem and I eliminated any links or references to the site. He used a search technique where you search for links from a particular site with Google using the term "search:" the the URL for the site. That showed where the offending link on my site was located. There should not be anymore trouble. Lee is my hero.

Thanks also to my friend Diane who called it to my attention.

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