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Friday, April 5, 2013 Blog announces formal introduction of Legacy Mobile App

Legacy Mobile is a free app that allows you to take your family tree with you wherever you go and uses the latest genealogy technology LegacyTec. The app syncs with FamilySearch and BillionGraves (and other genealogy sites coming very soon!) to give the user a mobile family tree.

The Legacy Mobile app is now available in the app store and to celebrate this is giving away a FREE iPad Mini during the month of April.

With the Legacy Mobile App, you can take advantage of the newest technologies that allow you to:
  • Synchronize your family data with FamilySearch
  • Add pictures to anyone in your family tree.
  • View event data by GPS locations
  • Manage and synchronize source data
One of the main features of the program is the ability to take photo of a gravemarker and have the program look up information on the person buried in the grave. 


  1. Thanks, James, for the mention! We appreciate you spreading the news!