Some people eat, sleep and chew gum, I do genealogy and write...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Tree Magazine's Top 40 Bloggers for 2013

Genealogy's Star is honored to be included in Family Tree Magazine's Top 40 Bloggers for 2013. If you are just starting to read genealogy blogs, you certainly have a good place to go for recommendations. I am aware of dozens more high class blogs that deserve attention, so if you are writing a blog with some aspirations or another, keep blogging and be true to yourself. Try to find your own voice and talk to your readers. It is helpful if you are also passionate about your subject matter.

I often get asked if I ever do anything besides write and talk. That pretty well sums it up. I do sleep and I do eat, but most of the time I am thinking about topics or writing about topics or expounding topics to my long-suffering wife. No, I never run out of things to say, but occasionally I get so tired that I can't think and it is time to do something else for a while like take photographs or work with our local Scout Troop.

One thing you can count on, if anything happens in the genealogical community of note, I will try to write about it. But with so much going on, I do have to be selective. If you have suggested topics, I am always open to suggestions. I enjoy most of the comments, but after 38 years of trial practice as a attorney, I always seem to find some type of counter-argument for supporting my position. Don't take it personally.

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks to Family Tree Magazine for putting up with my writing for yet another year.