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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boston City Council Library/Archives available through the Digital Public Library of America

The following press release was received from the Digital Public Library of America. This opens up another kind of record not normally available to genealogists. If you think that there is no genealogical information in this type of record, perhaps you need to expand your definition of valuable records:

Materials in the Boston City Council Library/Archives could be made
available through the Digital Public Library of America. Especially of
interest are the City Departmental Annual Reports with the imprint of
the City Printing Department and the Union Bug Label. It may require
an action of the City Councilors to get the 100 or so Boston City
Council staff moving and develop historic preservation of the
Library/Archives of Boston City Council. Also the plain English
stenographic records of the Public Meetings of Boston City Council
aren't being preserved for history. The stenographic records are a
different format than the archive of video. The stenographic records
are budgeted for with public funds and are more complete than the too
brief summary form of Minutes.

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