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Friday, January 9, 2015

A Flood of Emails from FamilySearch

I usually get a number of blog posts from FamilySearch regularly, sometimes as many as two or three a day. Yesterday was a noteworthy exception. I found that I had received perhaps 100 or more emails in one day from FamilySearch about blog posts. I noticed that some of them dated back to 2009, so after a few minutes of deleting I had cleaned up all those on my iPhone and then deleted those on my iMac and large blocks. Today, FamilySearch posted another article entitled, "Oops! We're Sorry for the Inconvenience." The post had the following statement:
Yesterday, many of our FamilySearch blog readers were inundated with emails containing old blog posts from the FamilySearch blog archives. These emails were generated as a result of a glitch that took place as we were transferring our archive of blog articles from one site to another. Those who have signed up with our RSS feed were the ones who experienced this problem. 
We apologize for this problem and any irritation and inconvenience this might have caused you. Our systems support folks have put all of our resources into finding the problem and have it taken steps to resolve the problem. You can be assured that this will not happen again.
 I'm afraid that the statement about this not happening again is sort of like claiming that it will not rain on the certain date. This simply points out the fact that computers are tremendously complex and that the computer systems we are both with sometimes are unpredictable. If you need help in cleaning up this glitch, FamilySearch gives a suggested method. However, I would be careful if you are using a different email program  that you do not delete too much of what you have in your inbox. I found that the FamilySearch posts were intermingled with other email, so deleting a block of email may delete messages that you do want to read.

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