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Monday, January 12, 2015

Attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (#SLIG)

One of the benefits of moving to the Frozen North in Provo, Utah is the opportunity to participate in genealogical activities that were not available to me previously because of time and distance. It is a convenient FrontRunner train ride from Provo to downtown Salt Lake City and the lightrail TRAX takes me almost right to the door.

One of these events is the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy also known as SLIG, sponsored by the Utah Genealogical Association. This annual event has been held for the last twenty years. This is obviously my first time attending. As opposed to most national conferences, the classes are designed to be smaller and you take a "track" that last all week. I have chosen the track taught by David Ouimette, CG on "Identifying the Immigrant within the Family and Community." I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Utah Genealogical Association.

I will be attending the SLIG all this week and will be writing from the site of the Convention from time to time during the week. I can say one thing already, this is conference is attracting a completely different constituency than I am used to working with. The attendees appear to be a lot younger than the usual genealogy crowd and more focused on both professional level of research. I guess you would say the very serious amateur would also help the description. Most also seem to be interested in their own immigrant ancestors.

This will be an interesting experience and apparently quite different than I am used to at the many conferences I have attended.

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