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Thursday, January 15, 2015

MyHeritage moves decisively into the Apple OS X market

One of the largest and fastest growing genealogy technology companies,, has made a move to into the Apple Macintosh software market. recently releases a Mac-compatible version of their free genealogy program, Family Tree Builder. I am told that a native Mac version of the program is currently under development. I downloaded a copy of the Mac version some time ago and it seems to run very well on the latest Apple version of OS X, Yosemite. has moved into a dominant position in driving technology in the genealogical community. With over 74 million members worldwide and growing by about 100,000 new members a week, is poised to become even more influential in the genealogy market.  Its announced partnership with has expanded their options in the rapidly growing DNA market.

Looking forward to the rapidly approaching 2015 Conference, I an interested to see what new developments will come out of the genealogical community in response to MyHeritage's rapid advances.

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