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Thursday, January 22, 2015

#RootsTech Week-at-a-Glance

I got a comment stating that that the person was having trouble finding an overall schedule for #RootsTech 2015. My wife and I had the same problem, but she found that the mobile app has a document attached called RootsTech Week-at-a-Glance. The link is to a PDF file that has an outline showing the times for registration and closing. It doesn't answer specific questions but it does give you the information you need to plan when to arrive and when you might be leaving. I thought this link might be useful to some who have not yet downloaded the apps for their tablets, iPad or smartphones.


  1. Most useful James as very few people appear to have downloaded the Rootstech app.

  2. On the RootsTech app this schedule is listed under Documents. I filled out my profile so I'm listed as an attendee. I got a friend code to share with others going so we can sync schedules or meet, etc. I can see that when I get synced with my friends, we can bookmark the class session we want to attend, and they will fill in automatically on My Schedule. We just keep getting fancier and fancier with technology each year! Wow.