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Friday, June 16, 2017

Accessing Brigham Young University Collections Online -- Part Six
You can access a virtual tour of the Brigham Young University Family History/Genealogy Department online. In addition, the Library provides public access to a broad spectrum of very sophisticated electronic equipment.
Although I have been focusing on the BYU Family History Library and genealogy, the larger Harold B. Lee Library has a huge online presence.
Here are a few more examples of the broad range of online offerings from the Library.

BYU Family Historian
Quoting from the website.
BYU Family Historian was a periodical written annually from 2002 to 2007 by The Center for Family History and Genealogy. Assorted authors including Howard C. Bybee, David H. Pratt, and Mark I. Choate wrote articles for the publication. 
The Center for Family History and Genealogy was established at Brigham Young University in order to utilize BYU resources to simplify the process of finding of ancestors and the discovery of the world in which they lived. The Center also supported student training for life-long temple and family history service. Partners of the Center include: BYU Religious Education, BYU Department of History, BYU School of Family Life, BYU Computer Science, State Archives of Niedersachsen, Germany, and the State Archives of Bavaria, Germany.
German Maps, Topographische Karte 1:25,000

There are over 3,500 maps just in this one collection. 

Electronic Resources Statistics
This list includes references to over 2.8 million digital resources. 

I could continue highlighting collections and resources almost indefinitely and never cover them all. As genealogists, we need to become more collectively aware of the fact that genealogy is history and that the label "genealogy" does not have to appear in a library catalog for the information to be useful for our research.

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