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Thursday, June 29, 2017

FamilySearch on Recipes and Food
If I had started a food or recipe blog instead of writing about genealogy, I would probably be rich and famous. But then again, I don't know much at all about cooking and I do not think a lot about food. My most remarkable food achievement is frying eggs for breakfast. On the other hand, writing about a popular topic such as food has its advantages. seems to have finally figured out that recipes and food are a big draw and they have added a food section to the website.
Unfortunately, this is another section the website that you can't get there from here. There is no permanent link to the Recipe page from the startup page. There is, however, a dynamic link that may appear on your version of the homepage.
But if I sign in, the link disappears. I also cannot find the link in the FamilySearch Site Map. I guess this recipe section will join a number of other obscure and unlinked pages that have appeared on the website for a while such as and other such pages that are floating around out there. It might be helpful if FamilySearch gave us a list of all these extra added attractions to their website.


  1. I went to the site map at the bottom of and found 'Find a Memory' under the Memories section. That went to a page called 'Find photos and stories'. When I typed 'recipe' in the search box, a bunch of recipes popped up. They all contain the word 'recipe' but if I type peanut, recipes with that word pop up. I guess you need to be looking for a specific type of recipe. Up to this point I was not signed in to FamilySearch. When I clicked on Share Your 'Family Recipe Stories Learn More' I was still not signed in until clicked on 'Add Your Recipe Story' under 'Gather Your Tasty Traditions'. It appears to me they are under Stories after you sign in if you have added some or you can see them after they have been tagged to one of your relatives. Not sure though.

    1. Thanks for the detective work. I guess I wasn't persistent enough.