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Monday, November 13, 2017

A New Look for The Family History Guide
The Family History Guide is a world-class family history learning system used by learners in over 150 countries and approved by FamilySearch as an official training resource. The website is sponsored by The Family History Guide Association, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and supported by users contributions and contributions from other organizations and entities.

The newly designed startup page for the website is intended to provide easier access to the ever-increasing number of resources available. The menu bars have been reworked and the options available on the startup page have been clarified and rearranged for the convenience of the user.

Since its inception approximately two years ago, The Family History Guide has become the "go to" place for those who are just now beginning to be interested in family history and genealogy and also for those who are seasoned researchers.

For more detailed information concerning the changes to the website, please refer to The Family History Guide Blog article entitled, "New Look for the Home Page and Menus."
 In the interests of disclosure, I need to point out that I presently serve as the chairman of the board of directors of The Family History Guide Association.

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