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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Visiting Facebook Genealogy

I recently began writing about the genealogically related resources on generated by a search on the word "genealogy." Above is a screenshot of the long list of pages with related topics. organizes the pages into categories. Here are some of the categories:

  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Articles
  • Events
  • Posts from Friends
  • Posts from your Groups
  • People are saying
  • Marketplace
  • Public Posts
What is shown in the screenshot in each category is only a small sample of the long list of posts in each of the categories. Here is an example of what happens when you expand the Groups section.

Those groups that appear are marked with the note that they have 10+ posts a day. Here is a screenshot of one of the groups, the Swedish American Genealogy Group.

The help given by the members of the group include answering questions, translating obscure content, help finding records and many other activities.

If I search for Swedish genealogy, I find eight groups. Some of these are active and some are not.

Apparently, you can find groups around almost any country or interest. Here is a screenshot of Latvia genealogy.

Here is the page for the BYU Family History Library.

In summary, you can find support, information, articles, discussion and many other things related to genealogy on

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  1. This appears to limit the selection to only groups, pages, etc with the word 'Genealogy' in them? Still a really good overview of what's available!