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Friday, January 26, 2018

Important New Records Added by has added some significant new collections of documents. You can read more about these collections in the MyHeritage blog post entitled, "New Historical Records Added in January 2018." Here are some descriptions of the newly added records from the blog post.
U.S. Yearbooks, 1890-1979 
MyHeritage has recently added one of the largest collections of digitized U.S. yearbooks in existence with over 36 million pages in more than 253,000 yearbooks, and it’s partially exclusive to MyHeritage. These records are valuable to anyone who wants to learn more about their relatives’ teenage experiences in high school. The collection provides extraordinary genealogical coverage of high school students and teachers over a period of 90 years. Yearbooks are excellent sources for genealogy research — you can find personal portraits and group photographs of your relative, as well as a list of sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities they may have been involved in. If you’re lucky, you may even find a biography written by or about them.
Indiana Newspapers, 1847-2009 
Newspapers are an important resource for genealogy and family history research. They contain obituaries, birth, marriage, and death announcements, and other vital records. They also provide society pages and local stories filled with rich information about community events and people who lived there. 
At MyHeritage, we set up an OCR (optical character recognition) lab in Utah to process historical newspapers and books at high capacity. The new newspaper collections listed here are among the first outputs of our OCR lab. 
This exclusive collection includes 1,014,820 pages in 44 newspaper titles from Indiana and it spans the years from 1847 to 2009.
Ohio Newspapers, 1793-2009 
This exclusive collection includes 4,604,759 pages in 88 newspaper titles and it spans the years from 1793 to 2009.
Sweden Household Examination books 1920-1930, 1860-1880 
We’ve recently updated the Sweden Household Examination books collection by adding more than 38 million records from additional years that we didn’t have before! The new records cover 1860-1880 and 1920-1930 and these additions are exclusive to MyHeritage. We’ve produced an every-name index to nearly 8 million images. With over 86 million records, The Household Examination Books on MyHeritage are the primary source for researching the lives of individuals and families throughout the Parishes of Sweden, from the late 1600’s to modern times.
German Minority Census, 1939 
An exclusive collection containing the names of all individuals listed in the German 1939 census who lived in a household where at least one person in the household had a Jewish grandparent. Many of these people were killed in the Holocaust and this census is the last written trace of them. These approximately 410,000 individuals are from the supplement census cards recording each person’s Jewish background.
Mandatory Palestine Naturalization Applications, 1937-1947 
This collection of Mandatory Palestine Naturalization applications is a unique compilation of over 206,000 records documenting the efforts of individuals, mostly Jews, and sometimes their entire families, to establish citizenship in Mandatory Palestine, which was under British administration at the time. The exclusive collection contains photos, histories, passports, and other various forms providing details for each applicant. The naturalization applications were handled by the British Immigration Department. We hired a group of more than 50 people in Israel to transcribe this special collection, and have made an exceptional effort to transcribe both the English and the Hebrew names in every record.

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