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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Valuable Work of the Anne Arundel County Genealogical Society
During my short time, so far, working in the Maryland State Archives as a Record Preservation missionary/volunteer, I have had the opportunity to meet several local volunteers, some of which are associated with local genealogical societies. This last week, I met one of the volunteers who is very active in the Anne Arundel County Genealogical Society. Society member, Tina Simmons, is the Cemetery Chairman for the Society. I had a nice visit with her while we were working on document preparation at the Archives. Here is a quote from the Society website about what she and her co-workers are doing to identify over 550 cemeteries in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
Anne Arundel County Cemeteries
Welcome to our cemetery pages. Due in large part to the efforts of Tina Simmons, our Cemetery Committee Chair, AAGS has collected information on more than 500 cemeteries and burial sites throughout Anne Arundel County. Over the next several months, our goal is to add information about them to the Cemetery Records page. We currently have information for 146 cemeteries online. So far, we have focused on the larger cemeteries in the county. We plan to work on the small, family cemeteries in the future. Stop back often to check our progress.
Here is a screenshot of the Cemetery Records page.
Many of the cemeteries identified and located by Tina and others are not marked and some have been lost for years. Here is an example of the information provided about the listed cemeteries so far:
Annapolis, Maryland, where I am living now, is the state capital and the county seat of Anne Arundel County.

If you have not contacted a local historical or genealogical society in the area where you are doing research, you are probably ignoring a lot of valuable records that are not available anywhere else.

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