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Friday, December 28, 2018

Looking Forward to Another Fantastic Year from MyHeritage

If 2019 is anything like 2018, we can expect some more great developments from The website ended up with more than 9.4 billion historical records and that was just the start. One of the many highlights of the year was the first annual MyHeritage LIVE Conference. 2018's Conference was held in Oslo, Norway. I was still working digitizing records at the Maryland State Archives and could not attend. But there is always 2019.

MyHeritage also kept up the pace by expanding its DNA testing. In this regard, MyHeritage recently had an important announcement. Here is what was announced:
If you’ve done a DNA test before on another service, uploading your DNA data to MyHeritage can help you break down genealogical brick walls and uncover new relatives. Genetic genealogists call this “fishing in another pond” for DNA Matches, to benefit from the opportunity to be matched with the huge base of customers who have tested their DNA exclusively on MyHeritage. As we announced previously, starting today, December 16, 2018, users can upload their raw DNA data from other testing services for free, and they will still receive all DNA Matches for free, but unlocking extra features for uploaded DNA data will cost an extra fee. 
If you have already uploaded your raw DNA data to MyHeritage from another testing service prior to December 16, 2018, you are grandfathered in and will continue to enjoy access to all of the extra DNA features for free.
Even though I have mentioned it before, if you want to begin to understand MyHeritage's direction and why they are driven to excellence, you should listen to the keynote address from the MyHeritage LIVE Conference given by Gilad Japhet. You can still watch the Keynote on Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Here is the link.  To get an overview of where MyHeritage is heading, see the following video.

Perspectives on Combining Genealogy and Genetics

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