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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

MyHeritage Featured on the Dr. Phil Show
Quoting from the Dr. Phil website:
Dr. Phil says he was always aware of his Irish ancestry, but it wasn’t until he submitted a simple cheek swab to MyHeritage DNA that he realized there was more to his lineage.  
“Dr. Phil, we found that you have three distinct ethnicities in six distinct countries,” says MyHeritage consultant Yvette Corporon.
 I do not watch TV but I am aware of Dr. Phil. The like to his website includes a video of the segment of his show when he learns about the results of his DNA Test. Here is what the MyHeritage test found:
We revealed to Dr. Phil, interesting insights into his family history and from his DNA. Dr. Phil discovered that he is Irish, Scottish, and Welsh (64.3%), English (28.4%), and Iberian (7.3%). He also received 20,000 DNA matches to MyHeritage users from 64 different countries! 
We also explored the lives of some of his ancestors, including his great-great-grandfather who fought in the Mexican war, information about his grandfather, yearbook photos for triplet aunts and uncle, and a surprising family connection to a well known individual.
To see the segment of the show click Here.

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