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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Let's Get Outside with
Finding a grave is simplified when you use As you take photographs with your tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet, the BillionGraves App automatically uploads the images to their website. You can then transcribe the monument inscriptions and the information is automatically put on the map showing the exact location of the grave. Here is an example of the cemetery map from Provo, Utah.

I looked for my relative, Myron Tanner. Here is a photo of his gravemarker.

Here is the map to his gravemarker.

Here is a closer view of the grave site.

The key here is that the website records the geographic coordinates (GPS) of the grave location making finding the grave much easier than it would otherwise be.  For another example, here are all of the grave locations you would have to search through without very specific directions.

You might want to try using BillionGraves.

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