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Sunday, April 21, 2019

SHOTBOX 3.0: Improvements on a great design
Lightboxes have long been a staple addition to the equipment used by commercial photographers, especially those who make images of products and food. SHOTBOX took the complex setup and use of the photographers' lightbox and turned it into the highest quality and most versatile light studio available. In addition, recognizing that genealogists are involved in document and artifact preservation, SHOTBOX introduced its product at RootsTech conferences. Many genealogists and family historians immediately saw how the SHOTBOX could help in both document preservation and for sharing images of historical artifacts. 

The newest version 3.0 of the SHOTBOX adds several helpful features:
  • A BlackTop option
  • Improved glare and reflection control
  • Updated LED technology to current industry advancements
  • Optimized input configuration for upcoming portable power accessories
I have used my SHOTBOX for everything from photographing minerals to documents. The main benefit is that it eliminates "hot spots" from overhead lights or a flash. The easiest camera to use is a smartphone camera but it is possible to use DSLR cameras and most point-and-shoot cameras. Obviously, the use of a lightbox such as the SHOTBOX extends well beyond document preservation. Here are some of the uses suggested by the SHOTBOX website.
The website has a number of photos that demonstrate the expansive uses of the SHOTBOX.

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