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Monday, April 15, 2019

Quick Links to Learning about

I am still finding a certain lack of appreciation and understanding concerning I guess I need to do another video on the subject of the program. But until I do, here is a list of the current videos available. If you run out of these, just wait a while and I will do another one or two or three. There is a section in the menu bar about Video entitled Making the Most of MyHeritage com Video entitled Part One Another Video on MyHeritage MyHeritage Part Two MyHeritage Part Three Using Sources with MyHeritage

Some of these are a little dated, but they help to understand how the program works. Here are some more. What is MyHeritage RootsTech 2019 talk by MyHeritage Founder & CEO Gilad Japhet

Here is another link to 50 more videos about MyHeritage

When you run out of these, go to the MyHeritage YouTube Channel and you will find some more. 


  1. Thanks, I'm just getting to know my way around MyHeritage and your video links are very timely and helpful.

  2. Hi. Do you think that it's worth the membership price. I don't seem to be able to access many documents with my free LDS account.

    1. All of the records on MyHeritage are available through the LDS Account. As I explain in the videos, you put your family tree on MyHeritage and let them do the searching. You will have enough work to do keeping up with the Record Matches.