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Thursday, July 18, 2019

MyHeritage Updates The Theory of Family Relativity

The Theory of Family Relativity is a cutting-edge, technologically advanced tool for analyzing relationships between individuals who have taken a DNA test from MyHeritage or uploaded one from another company. The program has been updated recently. For a complete explanation of the update, see the following:
Quoting from the above blog post, here are some facts and figures about the update:

  • The total number of theories has more than doubled (from 6,384,888 to 14,260,864)
  • The number of DNA Matches for which a theory was found has more than doubled (from 4,474,617 to 9,964,321)
  • Within each theory, there are often multiple paths that show different ways that we arrive at the same theory and provide supporting evidence to back up the theory. The number of paths found has more than doubled (from 51,887,021 to 115,106,944)
  • The number of MyHeritage users who have at least one theory has increased by 46.7%

Essentially, what the app does is to calculate a shared ancestor using data from the DNA tests, the online MyHeritage family trees, the Family Tree, all of the sources on both websites. This information is then often presented with more than one possible path of connection. 

If you have not had a DNA test either from MyHeritage or uploaded one from another provider and have your family tree on MyHeritage, you are missing out on the most impressive new technology to come along in years. 

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