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Saturday, November 9, 2019

An Update on the Rules of Genealogy

An Update on the Rules of Genealogy

You may or may not have read the blog posts but now you can view the video with all twelve of the Rules of Genealogy. Just in case you need a list, here is the latest list.
  • Rule One: When the baby was born, the mother was there.
  • Rule Two: Absence of an obituary or death record does not mean the person is still alive.
  • Rule Three: Every person who ever lived has a unique birth order and a unique set of biological parents.
  • Rule Four: There are always more records.
  • Rule Five: You cannot get blood out of a turnip. 
  • Rule Six: Records move. 
  • Rule Seven: Water and genealogical information flow downhill
  • Rule Eight: Everything in genealogy is connected (butterfly)
  • Rule Nine: There are patterns everywhere
  • Rule Ten: Read the fine print
  • Rule Eleven: Even a perfect fit can be wrong
  • Rule Twelve: The end is always there
You never know, there might be another rule somewhere out there in the genealogical universe waiting to be discovered. 

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