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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Getting Started with MyHeritage Using MyHeritage and The Family History Guide and other Resources
The Family History Guide, a free, sequenced, and structured learning website, includes detailed instructions about getting started using The instructions are also linked to articles and videos that support the step-by-step instructions. The Family History Guide is supported by The Family History Guide Association, a 501 (c) 3 charitable corporation through donations that are tax-deductible in the United States. The mission of The Family History Guide is to greatly increase the number of people actively involved in family history worldwide, and to make everyone's family history journey easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable."

The website has its own extensive Help Center from a link on the upper right-hand corner of each website page.
In addition, MyHeritage has a new Education Center at
Both MyHeritage and The Family History Guide have extensive YouTube Channels of helpful videos. Here is the YouTube Channel for MyHeritage.
Here is The Family History Guide YouTube Channel.
Between the two YouTube Channels, there are almost 400 videos. All of these resources have been developed over the past few years and some, like the website, are relatively new. All of these resources are complemented by other videos and articles. You can see the links to some of these articles in the MyHeritage Learning Path of The Family History Guide. If you search further, for example, you will find seven more videos about MyHeritage that I have done for the Brigham Young University Family History Library YouTube Channel.

The Family History Guide website also provides a system for those who become proficient in the resources of the website to become Certified Trainers and there is a rapidly growing network of these Trainers, presently in the United States, but also expanding into other countries as well.

The combination of all of these resources provide extensive help and instructional support to all of the present users of MyHeritage and also to future users. All of the resources I have mentioned in this post are also steadily growing and expanding with new documents and videos being constantly added.

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