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Friday, December 4, 2020

New Colorization Model for MyHeritage In Color™ has released a new colorization model for the MyHeritage In Color™ application, which produces even better results when colorizing black and white photos. MyHeritage In Color™ is based on deep-learning technology licensed by MyHeritage exclusively from DeOldify —the super talented team of Jason Antic and Dana Kelley, following pioneering work by our team member Maor Cohen. The feature quickly became a viral sensation, with more than 16 million photos colorized since its release. 

I have thousands of photos linked to my family tree on This is a screenshot of the colorization web page. 

Colorize your heritage

Here is an example of the process and the results from my own photo collection. This is the original black and white wedding photo of one of my relatives. 

There have two processes available colorization and enhancement but with the new colorization addition, you can also choose between three different colorization models in the settings to see which one produces optimal results for your photo.

Here is the result of enhancing the wedding photo.

Depending on the quality of the original photo, the difference after enhancement can be dramatic or subtle. Now, this is what happens when I colorize the enhanced photo.

Wow, this is a dramatic difference. No wonder millions of photos have been enhanced and colorized. In some instances, with other photos, I may want to try the other options. This whole process adds significant value to a MyHeritage subscription. 

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