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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Family History Guide is a free resource for libraries


As a library administrator or librarian, you can benefit from the industry-leading family history learning system: The Family History Guide. It's free, and it can open worlds of exploration for the guests who access your library services. Many of the public and even private libraries in the United States and around the world have useful online digital resources for their patrons. Now, their patrons can benefit from adding the most complete and useful instructional website for learning about genealogy and family history. 

The webpage linked above explains how library administrators can host this valuable free resource on their own websites. Click on this link to see the benefits of adding The Family History Guide to your library's resources.

If you have a library in your town or city and want to have The Family History Guide as an online resource from the library, please contact your library and tell them about this opportunity. 

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