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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Google Snafu

I just noticed that all of the statistics for my blog posts for the last four years has vanished. All of the posts show zero views and the statistics begin about an hour ago. Let me know if there are any problems either viewing the site or whatever. Thanks.


  1. James, I just noticed the same thing on my blog's stats. I'm watching the Google blogs and help pages for any updates. I seem to remember a similar episode quite a while back which eventually got corrected...somewhat...

  2. Same for mine, can still see your site fine.

  3. My total blog views aren't correct either in IE. But when I opened it in Google Chrome, there were the correct blog views. Weird!

  4. Never mind my last comment about Google Chrome being showing the correct page views. When I clicked on Overview, it was wrong. (sigh)