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Monday, October 29, 2012

Georgia Family History Expo 2012

On November 9th and 10th, I will be in Duluth, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, for the annual Family History Expo. Attending a conference such as this one is a marvelous introduction for newcomers to genealogy. When I have been at past conferences, I have commonly had the experience of telling someone living in the area about the conference, only to hear, "Oh, if I had known there was a conference, I would have gone."

Now, here is the deal. If you know anyone in the Atlanta area or beyond, who might be interested in attending the Family History Expo, send them an email or Facebook post or whatever now and invite them to the conference. Even if you can't go yourself, please don't leave people out there who would like to go, but haven't yet heard of the event.

We have enough trouble getting people interested in genealogy, without ignoring this kind of opportunity.

OK, so in the interests of disclosure, I work with Family History Expos and present classes at the Expos. But I was enjoying attending our local Mesa Family History Expo, long before I knew Holly Hansen or anything about traveling around the country.

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